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NorthStar Field Complex. 2024?

Approximately 14 months ago, with the backing of a major donor, NorthStar made an offer to the City of Birmingham on the property shown in the picture to the right. It is located across the interstate from the Birmingham Airport and only a few blocks away from the Airport Exit. It should be easy for guest teams to find and is centrally located for the families we serve. It is officially two parcels of land totalling 9+ acres (see the two yellow outlines in the map). The larger parcel is large enough to hold two full size soccer fields end to end. Most of the time we would have one field set up as a full field and the other divided into smaller fields for younger kid practices and games. The smaller parcel (closer to the interstate) is more than large enough to accomodate parking. There is the potential to construct an office building in the parking lot parcel - one day.

We are anticipating a hearing before two committees of the Birmingham City Council in January. Hopefully that will result in a vote by the full council, also in January. We hope to have preliminary purchase approval in January with details, including zoning issues, left to work out. It could take most of 2024 to raise the funds and complete the work to construct the fields and add restrooms and storage and the parking lot. Please join us in praying for the success of this endeavor. It will be transformative for NorthStar and make a huge impact in the lives of the kids and families we serve.

We plan to name the complex in honor of Frederick Douglass. His first abolitionist newspaper (published 1847-1851) was titled The North Star.

Why is this organization NorthStar Soccer?

Our name captures our purpose. On most clear nights the 7 bright stars of the Big Dipper are visible in the sky. The 2 stars at the end of the bowl point to the North Star which is a fixed point in the sky marking north. Travelers throughout history have used the North Star to guide them. Famously in this country, slaves used it as a navigational beacon to find their way to freedom in the North. In the same way, NorthStar Soccer, through instilling values, is helping youth set a positive direction in LIFE. Naming the field for Frederick Douglass will provide us a rich educational opportunity and allow us to tie these themes together in a visible way.

It is our prayer that this land development will happen and will result in more youth in the city of Birmingham receiving a top quality soccer experience that will nurture our values - Responsible, Resilient, Reverent - in their lives. Please pray for this project and consider supporting it in any way that you are able.

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