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NorthStar is always excited to welcome new volunteers to our program! Here at NorthStar we believe in giving our athletes skills to help be successful both on the soccer fields and in life. Let NorthStar be your way to reinvest in Birmingham City Youth and really make an impact to in the lives of the children in our community. If you have interest in any of the following opportunities or just want more information, please contact Kristen at

Soccer Team Volunteers

With our soccer teams we are looking for coaches, assistant coaches, skill coaches, and assistant program coordinators. We have a lot of moving parts during both the fall and spring soccer seasons. To keep NorthStar growing, we need a lot of assistance to keep things moving smoothly for each season.

Outreach Volunteers

As part of the NorthStar ministry program, we are always reaching out to college students and others with day time hours available who are needed for tutoring programs. Meeting times for mentor groups are are planned according to the volunteer's schedule.

Administrative & Support Volunteers

Opportunities include planning for Awards Banquet in May and the annual fund-raising banquet (Celebration) in November. Other behind the scenes opportunities are available involving help with soccer season program planning and game day help.

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