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NorthStar takes pride bringing opportunity to urban youth both on and off the soccer field. To do this, we rely on our sponsors to help allow us to reach as many children as possible. Becoming a sponsor is easy and their are several different needs in our program. Your contributions help us to provide our athletes with jerseys, soccer fields, transportation and many other things!

Information on our seasonal sponsorship opportunities can be found here. There are several different sponsorship levels and opportunities. Each level is good for both the fall and spring soccer season of that school year. Below are our current season sponsors.

Soccer Season Sponsorships

Ingram Equipment Company

2018! For more information on Ingram Equipment Company follow the link:

NorthStar is so thankful to be sponsored by Ingram Equipment Company! Since 1979, IEC has been providing the greater metro Birmingham area with excellent industrial equipment. NorthStar is thankful to have been sponsored by IEC since

American Computer Company

NorthStar is very thankful to be sponsored by American Computer Company (ACCi). Located in Birmingham, AL, ACCi provides professional support in the field of technology. IT systems are their forte! NorthStar and ACCi have been in relations since 2019 and we look forward to further collaborations. For more information on ACCi please visit their website:

Elegant Earth

Elegant Earth is another proud sponsor of NorthStar! Founded in 1988, Elegant Earth has always had the goal of inspiring those with an eye for beauty and function. Elegant Earth is dedicated to providing their customers with an assortment of products that are made in their “recycled” factory. NorthStar is extremely grateful to have Elegant Earth as a sponsor. For more information, visit their website:

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