Field & Team


NorthStar takes pride bringing opportunity to urban youth both on and off the soccer field. To do this, we rely on our sponsors to help allow us to reach as many children as possible. Becoming a sponsor is easy and their are several different needs in our program. Your contributions help us to provide our athletes with jerseys, soccer fields, transportation and many other things!

Soccer Season Sponsorships

Information on our seasonal sponsorship opportunities can be found here. There are several different sponsorship levels and opportunities. Each level is good for both the fall and spring soccer season of that school year. Below are our current season sponsors.

sponsor collage9.30.jpg

Special Event Sponsorships

Through out the NorthStar hosts several special fundraising events in order to continue to springboard our organization into the future. Below are the current events that we are seeking sponsors for:

  • None at this time, but check back soon for 2020 Soccer Season Sponsor opportunities!