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The Three Components of Quality Coaching:

Highlights from the NorthStar Coaching Guide

  1. Gain Essential Coaching Knowledge - sport specific knowledge is very important for a coach but is only one of 3 areas of essential knowledge. The Transformative Coach should:

    • Know Yourself (have a coaching purpose statement)

    • Understand Interpersonal connections among team members

    • Know the sport

  2. Commit to Athlete-centered Outcomes​

  3. Understand contextual fit - age and ability appropriate coaching - The NorthStar Player Development Guide at the back of the manual provides a framework for this.

Ready to Kick

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Joe Ehrmann in InSide Out Coaching describes his experiences with both transactional coaches and transformational coaches. Transactional coaching is characterized by coaches exchanging praise for performance. "A transformational coach is dedicated to self-understanding and empathy, viewing sports as a virtuous and virtue-giving discipline." (Inside Out Coaching, page 6 - for more from Joe Ehrmann and the Inside Out Initiative check out their website.)

Transformational Coaching is the primary goal at NorthStar Soccer Ministries.

The Coaching Manual below is meant as a guide to help coaches work together and support each other in the journey to be Transformational Coaches. The manual is based largely on the excellent book Every Moment Matters by John O'Sullivan. Free copies of this book are available for NorthStar Coaches who commit to read it. For more information on John O'Sullivan and a wealth of related resources we highly recommend the website Changing The Game Project.

For a personal commentary on struggling to become a Transformational Coach you may also want to read Paul Neville's blog NorthStar Navigating at 

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