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  • Alex Ann Hicks

Kicking off a great season with some amazing coaches!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

With three awesome game days under way for NorthStar Intramural players, and two Future’s League NorthStar Club Teams weekends, our players have been having a blast! The NorthStar Intramural program consists of elementary aged teams playing one another within NorthStar, while our NorthStar Club teams are our older kids who play outside teams from different organizations. The source of the fun, and what makes NorthStar special is the dedication of our volunteer coaches! NorthStar players receive a holistic and fun coaching experience from our amazing volunteers. Special thanks to Christ Health Center, Junior League of Birmingham, and Restoration Academy for partnering with us and providing coaches! We could not do it without you.

Outside of these organizations, we also have other amazing volunteers at our East, West, and After School locations. We’d like to highlight our three U10 West coaches - Margaret, Jamie, and Angie! With thirty-three U10 players total this season, we had to split into three teams. See the U10 team breakdown at the bottom of this post for more info!

Even with this rambunctious group, these three coaches work together to provide structure and fun. Angie joined NorthStar as the Spanish/English translator after watching her brother play for years, and she later agreed to coach U10!

Here is what Angie has to say about what NorthStar means to her:

“NorthStar means so much to me. It has become part of my life that helps me focus but also have fun, and even though I'm the one coaching/teaching the kids they have actually taught me so many things. I got connected with NorthStar through my little brother. He has been playing with NorthStar for 3 years. I used to never go to the games or practices, only my mom would go with him, but one day I got an email from Coach Paul saying he has heard so much about me and would like for me to be a part of NorthStar! Months passed by and I decided to join. I joined as a Spanish/English translator and then became a coach. I'm so glad I joined NorthStar. It has an impact on me and all the other coaches are so nice, friendly and helpful it makes me feel like home. NorthStar is a great place where you can have so much help in many ways but learn and grow at the same time. We have so many opportunities for everyone and everyone is more than welcome to join as a player.”

- Angie Juarez

Major thanks to all of our current and past coaches and parent volunteers! From furthering our mission of instilling responsibility, reverence and resilience in our players, to making up silly dances to make practice more fun, NorthStar coaches bring the energy each and every practice and game.

U10 team breakdown:

West - 3 teams

East - 2 teams

Restoration Academy - 2 teams

Oak Tree - 1 team

Oliver Elementary - 1 team

Westside Academy - 1 team

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