NorthStar Soccer Programs

The Two core programs we offer are: NorthStar Intramural League and NorthStar Club Teams. Take a look at each section to see the difference and to get a look at options in each of the two main programs.

Intramural Soccer

"Intramural" means NorthStar teams play other Northstar teams (don't compete against teams from other Clubs). 

Currently NorthStar Intramural is available for ages 4K through 5th grade. Within NorthStar Intramural there are two types of teams:

  • After School teams which practice at 3:00 on school grounds.

  • Community teams which practice in the evenings at either Legion Field on the west side or Cornerstone Elementary on the East side.

NorthStar Club Teams

At NorthStar, "Club Teams" are teams which competing against teams from other Clubs - regardless of competition level. Experienced players may begin participting on Club Teams at older elementary ages. Currently all middle and high school NorthStar players compete on Club Teams.

Club Teams compete at a variety of levels depending on age and overall team experience. Generally NorthStar teams compete in either CASL (Central Alabama Soccer League) which is considered 'recreational' level soccer. Or ASA State League, which is considered 'competitive' level soccer.

NorthStar Soccer Ministries also provides on going support for individual players who 'graduate' from our program on to higher level teams at Clubs in the area.

NorthStar Values

At NorthStar we are striving to provide our players a top level soccer experience. We want to see every player thrive and grow -- on and off the field. The team athletic experience provides many opportunities for personal growth that can set the stage for Success in Life. It is our goal to capitalize on those opportunities and help each player to grow through those experiences. Along the way, we also want to provide players with the opportunity to develop skills to go as far as they can in soccer development.

You can learn more about our Club values - Responsible / Resilient / Reverent - here. 

NorthStar Intramural Soccer
NorthStar Soccer - Club Teams