Intramural Soccer

The Intramural progam is perfect for brand new soccer players in K4 through 5th grade. 
COVID 19 infection rates have caused field closures at our normal practice locations now until . . . not sure when it will change. But we don't want the kids to completely lose out on Fall Soccer. So - We are offering virtual soccer instead. See below for details and a link to the registration site.
How Will Virtual Soccer Work?

Players will be grouped on to teams of four with one coach. The team will have a weekly meeting together at which the coach will present new skill work. Players will practice their soccer skills and upload video for the coach to review. Sessions will also include devotionals and fun contests between the players and opportunities to earn points in competition against other teams. Players will have access to recorded video in between sessions to help them better practice their skills in between sessions. 

What's the cost for Virtual Soccer?

The registration fee is $20. This covers registering your child with Alabama Soccer Association and 8 sessions of virtual soccer with a coach plus unlimited access to team video recordings.

What Equipment is Required?

Cleats are helpful, but not required. A soccer ball is a must. Contact the NorthStar office if your child does not have a ball at home and you would like a free one. Internet access - tablet or laptop/desktop is best but can be done on a smart phone as well.

​What if I Really Want In Person Soccer for my Child

Please do register for the Virtual Soccer. If we have groups of parents who want in person soccer we can group those players and add an in-person element. ALSO, as the season progresses - if infection rates improve - we may be able to offer larger in person events (in October) for those who are interested. Also if your child's birth year is 2012 or 2011 or 2010 we may be able to add him or her to an existing NorthStar Club team that is in person this season - we have a few spaces remaining on these teams.

Will the Full in-person NorthStar Intramural Soccer program return in the spring season?

WE SURE HOPE SO! And we are planning under the expectation that it will. But, we think this virtual training will be very valuable and something we want to add to the in person program even after this season. So . . . We encourage you to give it a try!​


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