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Intramural Soccer

How do I register my child to play soccer with NorthStar?

The blue button below will open as a link to the registration site. Click on it and it will take you to the NorthStar registration page on If this is your first season, then you will need to first set up an account with your information then you will add your child and register. Parents of returning players can simply log into your account using your existing information. If you have questions regarding registration please e-mail Michelle Chambers.

What's the Cost & What Equipment is Needed?

The registration fee is

  • $35 for U5/U6

  • $50 for - U7 - U12​

A t-shirt is included as part of registration (jersey for U9 and older). All players are required to bring shin guards, soccer socks, cleats and a water bottle to all practices and games. Our colors are royal blue for the socks and black for the shorts - but exact colors are only encouraged, not required for Intramural players.

How do I know which age group to choose?

You don't really need to know because the system will automatically place them - as long as you put in the correct date of birth. But, here is what it means-

  • U5/U6 division = players born in 2015 & 2014

  • U7/U8 division = players born in 2013 & 2012

  • U9/U10 division = players born in 2011 & 2010

  • U11/U12 division = players born in 2009 & 2008

But, sometimes it is best for the child to move him or her up or down to be with other players in the same grade.  For example we would likely move players born in 2011 who are in 2nd grade into the U7/U8 division

How do I know which location to sign up for?

When registering your child be sure to choose a team that practices at a location convenient to you. There are three practice field locations: Cornerstone School Field - our East side location, McClendon Park Field (next to Legion Field) - our West side location, and Hemphill Elementary School Field (Hemphill Elementary students only).


Regardless of practice site location, all games will be held at either the Cornerstone School Field or at Holy Rosary's Soccer Field.

U6 Intramural League

​All U6 games are at 8:30 at Cornerstone Field (120 54th Street North). Players should report to the field NO LATER THAN 8:15. Want information on the Under 6 intramural league? Try these links.

Sometimes at U6 teams are adjusted that morning. Questions? Contact Coach Paul at 205-322-9296 or


​For U6 rules click here.

For the Fall 2019 Game Schedule click here.


U8 Intramural League

Most games will be played at Cornerstone Field - 120 54th Street North. Contact Coach Paul at 205-322-9296 or with any questions you may have. Looking for additional information on the Under 8 League? Try these links.

For rules click here.

For the Fall 2019 U8 game schedule click here. ​​

U10 & U12 Intramural League

For the Fall 2019 season NorthStar is expanding the Intramural program to include separate U12 teams. We only have 3 teams in the U12 division so we will do some mixing and bringing in guest teams to expand our intramural program. Contact Coach Paul at 205-322-9296 or with any questions you may have. 


For the U10 League rules click here.

For the U10 and U12 schedule click here.

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