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One Team, One Dream - Welcome Aboard!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Over the course of the summer, NorthStar has gained tremendously talented people to our staff, and we want to update you guys on these fresh new changes. A few of our staff have changed their roles, however, we have also welcomed some completely new staff! This article is an interview of Cora, Alex Ann, and Harrison and what their roles are within NorthStar are as well as what has God been teaching them. Stay tuned and read below to discover these exciting new additions to NorthStar!

Cora (pictured above in blue)

  • After School Site Coordinator- administrator for the program at both Oliver and West End, includes regular communication with parents, attendance & other record-keeping at practices, communication with schools, communication with volunteer coaches, assisting Head Coach with field set up.

  • Assistant Coach at both locations

  • Saturday Game Day Field Manager (along with Paul)

  • Evening coach for east side on Thursdays

"What am I excited about I’m excited to build new relationships with players and their families, and to be able to teach others about soccer which is a sport that was very important to me in my formative years. I’m also excited to teach others about the goodness of the Lord and his providence.

In my short period of time in this position, through my communication with parents and players, the Lord has really opened my eyes to the needs of our local community. I’ve deeply felt the impact of some of the stories I have heard, and the Lord has softened my heart towards the needs of the greater Birmingham area. Through this, I’ve felt the Lord equipping me for future work in the inner-city areas of Birmingham in the school system and for future opportunities I may have to work with the local community in Birmingham.

It is at times challenging adapting to differences in culture- the players and their families come from very different backgrounds and there are many cultural differences between the players and me. This brings difficulties in relating to the players and the players relating to each other at times, but that has only shown the sweetness of the Lord more prominently because at the end of the day we are all able to come together and share in our joined interest in soccer and grow together in the sport and our knowledge of the Lord."

Alex Ann (pictured above)

  • Resource Development Coordinator

"Working for NorthStar through AmeriCorps VISTA, I cannot do any direct service work, therefore my role at NorthStar is to build capacity within the organization through marketing, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment. I am excited about extending and improving NorthStar’s reach through the work that I will do! I’m also excited to work with such a passionate team and with community partners. While I’ve only been working for NorthStar for a week, I feel like God has been teaching me to be open to hearing his call from unexpected places. After graduating with a degree in public health, I did not expect to be working for NorthStar, although I am thrilled to see how my life changes through the relationships I form and my witness to what the organization is doing in the lives of Birmingham’s youth!"

Harrison (pictured above)

  • West Side Coordinator

  • U14 Assistant Coach

"My role at NorthStar is primarily serving as the West Side Field Coordinator, which means I check in players, set up the field and provide any assistance needed to coach. I also am the assistant coach for the u14 boys’ team, in charge of communicating with the kids from Inspiritus and designing the new Northstar coach's manual. I'm excited about getting the chance to make a positive difference in kids’ lives through soccer and enabling other coaches to do the same.The biggest challenge so far has just been juggling all the different responsibilities."

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