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  • Paul Neville

Building a Legion of Opportunity

Jay Heaps, President of Birmingham Legion FC announced at the NorthStar Celebration! (resource building banquet) a multi-pronged effort to support youth in the city of Birmingham in partnership with NorthStar Soccer Ministries. These initiatives include:

  • professional players from Birmingham Legion serving as regular guest coaches at the Hemphill and West End Academy after school practices

  • soccer clinics by Birmingham Legion players for NorthStar players

  • season tickets for NorthStar players to attend home matches for Birmingham Legion FC at the new Protective Stadium in downtown Birmingham

  • support for uniform kits for NorthStar Club teams

Based on these core commitments NorthStar Soccer is growing our After School program from one site (Hemphill Elementary School) to three sites (Hemphill plus West End Academy plus Oliver Elementary). Legion players as coaches will be very exciting for the kids. But more coaches are needed to fully deliver the program.

Contact Paul Neville at for more information about Spring coaching opportunities (paid and volunteer) with NorthStar Soccer Ministries. Working together we can deliver a strong program for our kids this spring and keep building our outreach to cover a legion of kids learning soccer in our values-oriented program that will inspire them to dream about their own future in a strong and positive way!

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