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  • Paul Neville

NorthStar Joins JustGiving

NorthStar launched its inaugural fundraising campaign ‘NorthStar Team Goals for GOALS!’ through JustGiving, a global online fundraising platform. With high aspirations, NorthStar has set its first campaign goal at $6,000 in hopes to raise enough resources to make some much needed home field improvements at their Cornerstone School Field.

If reached the $6,000 would go toward the installation of winter grass at the Cornerstone field in preparation of the 2020 Spring Soccer Season. Other items the funding would cover include new nets for all the soccer goals and bleacher seating for the home field so that both players and their parents have a place to sit and enjoy soccer practices and games. If the goal is exceeded, then any extra proceeds would be carried over to help meet our 2020 Spring Soccer Fundraising Goal which would allow NorthStar to install a water hook-up at the Cornerstone Field.

‘NorthStar Team Goals For Goals’ is open to any and all NorthStar family, friends, and supporters to join. If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser or to share the fundraiser page on social media, then please visit:

We truly appreciate any and all support given by our NorthStar family.

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