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NorthStar's Featured of the Month!

           This month’s Stars are two of NorthStar’s most prized possessions, Coach Callie and Coach Maggie. This dynamic duo has been a blessing to us since they started! Together, they are skills coaches for the U14 girls teams! Coach Callie, a rising senior at Mountain Brook High School, first came to NorthStar in the fall of 2020 after looking to start her coaching career. She recalled that the ministry of NorthStar is what really attracted her. Being able to share the gospel of God while coaching her favorite sport intrigued Callie. Outside of coaching at NorthStar, Callie is a photographer and a referee. She is a member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and is very active in her church community. When Callie graduates she wants to do research in college and go to medical school. When asked what her favorite thing about NorthStar is, Callie responded that her players were her favorite part because they have such a great appreciation for everything that she does. Callie’s love for NorthStar is what brought her friend, Maggie, to NorthStar in the Spring of 2021! After learning about the opportunity to help younger players, Coach Maggie became a part of the team NorthStar! Maggie is also a rising senior at Mountain Brook Highschool and is a player on the high school soccer team. Maggie grew up playing soccer and created lifelong friendships from her time playing. Maggie joined NorthStar with hopes of helping her players create memories that will last a lifetime. When asked what her favorite part about NorthStar is, Maggie replied that all her players have amazing personalities that make coaching them easy and enjoyable. The dynamic duo of Coach Callie and Maggie has made their mark in NorthStar and we are extremely proud of them!


Above: Coach Maggie with the U14 Girls!

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