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NorthStar Club Teams are available for all middle school and high school students. We have options for both new players and experienced players. Club teams are also an option for experienced 3rd grade and older players. Looking for soccer for K4 - 2nd grade or teams for new players in 3rd - 5th grades? Click here for NorthStar Intramural Soccer.

Register by June 1 for Evaluations. Dates for Evaluations are to be determined. We are waiting for updated health advisory information before setting those dates. There is no cost to Register for Player Evaluation. Fees will be added once the Fall season is confirmed. We strongly encourage all parents to Register. You will have the opportunity to drop out before the season starts at no cost.

Contact Coach Paul Neville with any questions about Evaluations or Club teams.

More About NorthStar Club Teams 

  • 9U through 11U (generally 3rd through 5th grades) players with previous experience are recommended to register for Club Teams. These player will be evaluated. Based on that Evaluation players will be placed on a Club team or an Intramural team. New 9U through 11U players (born in 2012, 2001 or 2010) click here for Intramural team Information

  • For older age groups Club Teams will play in either:

    • Central Alabama Soccer Leauge (CASL). This league is referred to as a 'Recreational League' and is a good option for new players, players wanting less Travel. It is also often the best option for teams that are developing but not yet ready to compete on State League level. 

    • Alabama State League (which is a competitive league). A 'Competitive League' is one in which all the participating teams are tryout based (the Club selects players to be on the team). Typically (though not always) teams in competitive leagues are stronger than teams in recreational leagues.

    • There are divisions within both CASL and State League. Contact Coach Paul if you want more details on the various divisions. There are also regional leagues that are typically even more advanced. We can provide interested parents guidance at this level if your player has the skill/experience. 

  • NorthStar believes strongly in the value of team sport as a method of promoting character development, skill development, self confidence. Our coaches serve as mentors to players. Older players are encouraged to develop as leaders - on their own team, through volunteering with younger kids, and through team service opportunities. We want as many youth as possible to experience this broad range of benefits. Therefore we are committed to doing all that we can to provide team opportunities for every player who wants it - regardless of soccer experience and skill level.

  • NorthStar also believes strongly in the value of providing our youth the opportunity to maximize their skill development. We believe more youth will stay in the game and reach their maximum potential if they are on a team that practices close to them. Therefore we do the best that we can to develop teams that will provide a challenge to our strongest players. We also provide on going support to players we recommend to 'graduate' out to high level teams at other clubs.

  • Club Teams are the only option for 6th grade (12U) and older (NorthStar Intramural stops at 5th grade). We accept players with no prior experience on these teams (if there is a team available).


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